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FMK CLOSEOUTS exports department salvage merchandise / store returns and merchandise settlement, offering liquidations, liquidation merchandise, salvage, excess inventory, surplus, and much more to a few cents on the dollar wholesale!
We have been in the liquidation business for many years, supplying wholesalers, exporters, retailers, auctioneers, eBay, brokers, flea market vendors and liquidation distributors. We carry all kinds of merchandise from the major department stores and manufacturers in the United States, from the closing of clothing and domestic settlement to shoes and toys. We sell for the pallet, for the lot, or for the truck depending on the merchandise.
The Customer will not advertise any Merchandise purchased using the name of the Department Store, whose list set forth above may be amended from time to time by the Company upon notice to the Customer. The Client agrees that all labels and labels denoting the Department Stores or these marks or other identifying characteristics must be removed. Any person who finds advertising or does not remove labels or labels bearing the names of department stores may, among other things, be permanently prohibited from purchasing merchandise from the Company.
The purchase of salvage / returns may contain a mixture of some good, bad, unpacked items, missing parts, damaged and new merchandise. In other words, the good, the bad and the ugly. We can not guarantee that each salvage charge you buy from us will be a winner, but in most cases, they are. If you are not satisfied with the freight we will do our best to make you up on your next purchase. We are the best at obtaining quality salvage loads out there, and we care a lot about the needs of our clients. We go to the extra Mile to satisfy.
Buy NEW EXTENSIONS, EXCAVATIONS AND CLOSEOUTS LIQUIDATION MERCHANDISE is the most appropriate way to buy in large quantities. These may contain new shelving items, excess stock, off-season and liquidated merchandise. Most charges are in perfect condition with tags and labels, but some on the other hand may have a slight chance of being slightly damaged due to shipping or human error.
All Merchandise is salvage, store returns, or other similar second-hand merchandise, and is sold in As Is without warranties of any kind or warranties of any kind expressed or implied. All merchandise is sold as it is, with no refunds, refunds, credits or exchanges offered or given. (UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED) Loads may be sold as bulk cargo (no wholesale value, percentage or given piece count). The approximate Value declared for the Merchandise is simply a number that has been provided to us by its suppliers as an estimate only of the wholesale or retail value at the time of purchase and FMK CLOSEOUTS, INC. In no way does it represent or guarantee that this is the true Value of the products.
No representation is made regarding the packaging, style, selection, assortment, condition or seasonality of the Merchandise. FMK CLOSEOUTS, Inc. will not be responsible for any dissatisfaction with the sale or quality of the Merchandise.
When it comes to the names of departmental stores, there will be a mix of brands, including the private brands that the department stores carry. DO NOT ONLY wait for the main brand names. This is beyond our control.
All orders are subject to acceptance by the Company and the prior sale of goods to other customers. Said acceptance is conditioned to the acceptance by the Client of these terms and conditions.
We have many shipping points throughout the United States so you can save on freight costs.
All the FOB boarding point of the goods. All cargo is charged.
The Customer will be responsible for transportation costs from the distribution center (s) and / or warehouse (s). All claims and / or shortages must also be sent directly to the carrier. Be sure to count the pallets and check the shrinkage of the deformation before signing BILL OF LADING / DOCK RECEIPT. FMK is not liable for errors made by you or by the carrier.

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